A lifelong athlete, an inspirational teacher, and the ultimate people person, Ali is proud to make her dreams a reality with the opening of TRUBarre Spring House. Her love of teaching and fitness combined with her friendly and high-energy personality is undeniable in every class she teaches.

Ali graduated from Susquehanna University, where she was captain of her nationally ranked field hockey team. She earned her degree in Education and went on to earn her Masters degree in Special Education. For the past 20 years, Ali has enjoyed teaching children and adults as both a classroom teacher and fitness instructor. After various group fitness certifications and trainings, which included Body Attack by Les Mills and Group Exercise Certification by AFA, Ali discovered and fell in love with barre while she was living in Hoboken, NJ. Barre was a workout unlike any other – challenging, fun, and the results were fast and real. Ali knew right away it was the perfect fit for her and it didn’t take long for her to become a certified barre instructor. She has taken and instructed barre classes from New York to San Francisco – allowing her to develop a style of her own. A class that blends strength and resistance training, cardio, and stretching into a fun, friendly, full-body workout to help you achieve visible results.

Ali loves seeing people’s lives change through barre as they realize their own strength and become more empowered and confident. Her positivity and her passion to make others feel good is infectious. She’s a firm believer in taking time for yourself and has found that taking a barre class is not only good for your body, but just as good for your mind too!


Jeannine’s passion for sports and her competitive spirit was evident from a young age. A former Division I athlete, she brings agility and endurance to each of her classes as well as a “work hard, play hard” attitude. Her belief that living an active lifestyle should be fun and rewarding translates into her classes with high energy, witty motivation, and an awesome playlist.

Jeannine was first introduced to barre when her friend Ali convinced her to give it a try. One TRUBarre Cardio class was all it took and she was hooked. She fell in love with the workout and the “me time”. Not only was barre challenging but rewarding and fun; an exercise routine that she looked forward to! It didn’t take long before Jeannine immersed herself into barre training because she believed so fully in the improvements barre had on her – both physically and mentally – and wanted to inspire others to feel the same. She’s been spreading the “barre love” ever since!

Jeannine truly enjoys connecting with people and encouraging them to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle, no matter their age or fitness level. When she is not “keeping you on your toes” in class, you can find her running…either after her 3 young kids or training for her next race.


Claudine moved to the Philadelphia area after graduating from St. Joseph’s University with degrees in Business and Marketing, and fell in love with the trails of Fairmount Park and Valley Green. Mountain biking (& racing) and running became her passions. Over the years, Claudine has completed several distance events for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program, which raises money and awareness for cancer research and treatments. She has completed 10 full marathons, including Chicago, Bermuda, Berlin, Germany and two qualified trips to Boston. After several running wear and tear injuries, including surgery for a ruptured tendon, Claudine found herself back at the gym looking for a full-body strength and conditioning workout, and a more balanced approach to fitness. That is when she discovered barre and realized it was exactly what she was looking for; a challenging, intense, total body workout that tones your entire body while increasing flexibility and strength. Claudine has been taking classes at TRŪBarre Spring House since they opened their doors and couldn’t be more excited to share her love for barre with rest of the TRŪBarre community!



Corey has been an avid exerciser her entire life. Growing up, she played a variety of sports but eventually found running, which became her exercise of choice following college. She ran marathons and competed in triathlons before the wear and tear of running began to take its toll. During her third pregnancy, she found herself dealing with herniated discs in her lower back. This is when she found the magic of barre. It was the only form of exercise that she could do while pregnant and she became hooked. Following her pregnancy, it helped her body quickly bounce back and heal by building back her strong core and supporting muscles. Corey loves the positive, nurturing, and encouraging environment that TRUBarre brings into her life and those of others. She is excited to be a part of the energy that helps shape bodies, attitudes and lives. As a former teacher, she knows the importance of a supportive and dynamic environment that challenges each individual. Corey’s class will encourage everyone to work to their fullest potential in a fun and engaging way so that they can feel and look their best!


Diana was first introduced to barre by a close friend several years ago, however, it wasn’t until she took classes at TRUBarre Spring House that she truly fell in love with the exercise! The teachers are so warm and welcoming, all while challenging you to work hard and teaching you how to tone your body. Diana is so excited to be a part of the TBSH family, helping every client look and feel their best. A dancer all of her life as well as an avid athlete, Diana enjoys the way barre blends ballet-style movements with the intensity of a challenging workout. Being a regular at the 5:45am classes, Diana uses upbeat music with her classes to help motivate clients to power through the toughest parts of class and have fun.
Outside of teaching classes, Diana enjoys practicing yoga, hiking and running half marathons. Diana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh and works as a Business Consultant. She loves a good glass of wine, attending baseball games with her boyfriend and weekend trips to the beach.


Bio coming soon


As a college cheerleader turned coach, Julia spent her early 20s choreographing cheerleading at her alma mater, Loyola University Maryland. Additionally, she always enjoyed running to stay in shape. It wasn't until the birth of her son in 2016 and gaining over 50 pounds that Julia wanted to try something that would shake up her workout routine. So thanks to her girlfriend and fellow instructor, Simona, she tried barre class and hasn't looked back since! Shaking it up is just what it did!

Julia loves that barre class is a full body workout that is completely for YOU. It incorporates everything she grew up doing; cardio, strength training, ballet and stretching. Not to mention the sense of community and positive energy that comes with it at TBSH. Julia has always enjoyed working with women and motivating them, and she can't wait to do so as a barre instructor!

Julia loves music and incorporating her dance background into her classes. She will challenge you and make you smile and have fun at the same time. You will feel her passion, energy, and love for barre in each class!

Outside of TBSH, Julia is a personal stylist for South Moon Under in Wayne. There's no denying her love for fashion, shopping and bargain hunting. Being able to do personal shopping and styling for others gives her the ability to do something she loves while being able to spend time with her son and family.



Julie graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in exercise science and minors in strength and conditioning and nutrition. She was a diver in college, and won awards as the University’s Athlete of the Year and NCAA Sportswoman of the Year for the state of Delaware during her senior year. In 2012, she was inducted into the University of Delaware Athletic Hall of Fame. Julie moved into coaching after college, and for the past ten years, she has coached diving at the age-group, collegiate, and national levels.

With the birth of her daughter Bernie three years ago, Julie decided to get back into fitness, both to redevelop her physical strength and to reclaim her mental confidence. She joined the team of instructors at Fit4Mom Philadelphia, teaching fitness classes for new moms in Center City from early 2013 through February 2016. She recently relocated to Ambler, and is excited to be a part of the TRUBarre Spring House team!



Kristin is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. She is always looking for new challenges and innovative ways to stay active. She started dance as a little girl and continued her dance training through college. Kristin received a bachelors degree in Human Biology from Temple University. She also enjoys skiing and running. Throughout the years, she has run three full marathons and several half marathons. In 2003, Kristin's fitness instructor career began with group fitness classes. She took time off from instructing to pursue other interests including starting a family. Her devotion to dance led her to Pilates and Barre workouts. The ever-evolving challenge of the workouts coupled with the remarkable results inspired her to teach again. She is certified in both Pilates and Barre. Kristin is dedicated to creating fun and energized classes to help motivate others achieve their fitness goals. Kristin is thrilled to be part of the TRUBarre Spring House team!



Mallory joined our team when TRUBarre Spring House opened in July 2016. Her positivity and friendliness made her a perfect fit for our Kid Zone and Front Desk! Not only does she love caring for your children and greeting you with a big smile each day, but she also fell in love with the barre much so that she completed her barre training and is now a certified instructor! Mallory was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years and a competitive dancer for 2 years, so it is no surprise that her outgoing, fun, and bubbly personality have our teens and tweens hitting the barre with her every week. She loves connecting with the younger girls and there’s no doubt she has the playlist to inspire and motivate them every class!
Mallory received her Bachelor's Degree in Rehabilitation and Human Services from Penn State University in 2016 and she hopes to pursue a career in Speech Pathology working with children.


A lover of fitness from a young age due to her father's athletic background and her mother, who is her role model, having a career in the fitness/health wellness industries, Mary Cate was a three-sport athlete in high school. Once in college and no longer playing organized sports, she missed the competition and signed up for her first half marathon. That half marathon turned into several more half and full marathons.

After getting engaged to her husband, Mary Cate was looking for a new workout to not only keep in shape but also tone her body. She discovered barre in the City of Brotherly Love and never looked back. Between in-studio classes and online barre classes, she felt amazing for her wedding and kept in shape all the way through two healthy pregnancies of her daughter and son.

Now, with two children, it was time to make the move to the suburbs. She was introduced to TRŪBarre Spring House by her lifelong friend Meg MacDonald, another TRŪBarre instructor. The day she was cleared to start working out after giving birth to her son, she signed up for her first class and was sold. Now a certified instructor, she's so happy to have the opportunity to teach women barre, help them feel healthy and confident, and bring a smile to their day.

Mary Kate


From competitive sports to fitness classes, being active has always been an important part of Mary Kate’s life. After taking her first barre class four years ago, she was hooked! She loved that the workouts were constantly challenging but fun! She became certified as an instructor and has been “embracing the shake” ever since.



Meg’s day is not complete without exercising in some way. She thrives on feeling good from the inside out and naturally brings that positive energy to those around her. She was a competitive tennis player through her youth and college and then discovered joys of other outdoor exercise and competition. From half marathons to trail bike riding, to just running around with her three kids, Meg loves to do it all. She graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Community Health and has never let that desire to help others veer far from her mantras. She found the thrill and love for barre as a way, not only to be part of a warm community, but to reap the positive benefits of the practice to supplement and build core strength to support all her day to day activities. She calls TRŪBarre home now and strives to turn her inspiration into unique creative energy and strength for those around her.


From the time she started playing sports when she was 4 years old, Meg hasn’t stopped moving. A multi­sport athlete growing up, Meg ultimately attended Catholic University where she played basketball and was a three year team captain. After graduation, Meg looked for ways to continue moving and started running. With running, she loved the mental and physical challenges she endured every time out, but she missed the team concept she enjoyed so much while playing sports. That’s when she found and got involved with group exercise classes. Meg loves the support, motivation, challenge, fun and positive atmosphere she finds when taking and teaching classes and is excited to foster that at TBSH.

Speaking of sports, Meg’s high school friend and basketball teammate, Jeannine Garrick, brought her to barre, and Meg has been taking barre classes multiple times a week ever since. She loves to “feel the burn” while listening to great tunes and she loves the connections she makes with the rest of the class. Meg has since been certified to teach barre and brings her passion for barre and her positive attitude and endless energy to her classes at TBSH.

Meg believes firmly that the best investment you can make is in yourself, mentally and physically, and encourages everyone to find the time to do so every day­­no matter how long. A full­time Marketing Executive by day, and exercise enthusiast by morning and night, Meg spends majority of her free time either with her husband, friends and family at the beach or being active in some capacity. In addition to teaching barre, she is also a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor.


Simona has a passion for making people look and feel their very best, which is why her work as an instructor at TRUBarre Spring House is a perfect complement to her career as a cosmetologist at Sorelle Hair Studio. She loves having the opportunity to help others enhance their entire self and leave them feeling more confident, stronger, and more beautiful, inside and out.
Simona has tried many different forms of group exercise, but once she discovered barre through Jeannine and Ali, she was immediately hooked. Simona completed her barre training in April 2016 and was so excited to join the TBSH team! Simona will challenge you in class while you have fun--- hoping you fall in love with barre the same way she did!


Tricia is passionate about health, fitness and teaching. She was a cheerleader and played softball in high school, and continued to remain active throughout her time at St. Joseph’s University where she earned a BS in Elementary and Special Education and a MS in Reading. She taught Kindergarten and First Grade in Philadelphia before having her two children. After her second child was born, Tricia started looking for a way to combine her of love of education and fitness, becoming an ACE certified personal trainer.

From running half marathons to a variety of fitness classes, Tricia has always been open to trying different ways to stay active and fit. After attending Ali’s TRŪBarre Cardio class, she immediately became hooked to this challenging, yet fun workout. She loves the music, feeling “the burn,” and the sense of community. She also loves how barre is an amazing workout for a wide range of abilities, allowing her to continue taking classes throughout her second pregnancy. Tricia is excited to shared her enthusiasm for barre and thrilled to be a part of the TRŪBarre Spring House team.