Look what others are saying about TRŪ Barre

"My first class was humbling and activated places in my body I haven't used in a very long time! I will definitely go again. The instructor was encouraging and knowledable yet gentle on someone like me - new to this form of exercise."

"I loved my first class at your awesome new studio! Krista is the best, and your studio looks amazing! I will definitely be back!"

"Beautiful studio & friendly staff! I went in completely new to barre and immediately felt at ease with the instructor taking time to introduce herself and talk me through what I needed! Can't wait to go back!!"

"Barre is my habit now; I am hooked.  It’s how I start my day and it’s what I do for me!  The early morning option fits perfectly into my schedule.  And, when I have an early morning work meeting, there are evening options that work for me too.  I am stronger, leaner, and more toned than I have been in years.  I feel great.  All of the instructors are expert, friendly, and motivating – and challenge everyone in the class to push to their personal limit but also provide the guidance to avoid injury.  It’s personalized to each person’s level of fitness and works for all ages.  I couldn’t be happier that I found TRŪBarre!"

"I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to take classes at TRŪBarre. I really enjoy my time spent at the barre. Because of my praise, my wife and daughter now attend as do my friends."

"Since I have joined TRŪBarre, I have been trying to persuade some of my friends my age (77) to join, but the perception is that it would be "too hard." What they don't realize is that the instructors conduct the class with a highly individual approach: they make it their business to become aware of any issues anyone might have (back, knees, etc.), they suggest alternative/modified positions, and they are aware of each person in the class during the entire time. TRŪBarre is not "the gym" but rather a very welcoming environment in which members are called by name and are encouraged to achieve goals appropriate for their bodies. The result is a fun experience in a bright, clean, upbeat studio in which you can strengthen your body and achieve new fitness goals. It truly is for all ages."

"These classes are wonderful. They never get easier and are a challenge every time. Beautiful and clean space with fabulous retail and child care to boot!"

"After only 5 classes, I am already seeing a transformation in my body!"

"Beautiful studio and outstanding instructors!  Such a fun way to get an amazing work out."

"I am happy to report that I am feeling aching muscles this morning that I am not sure I was previously aware of in my lower abdominals and side abdominals.  Perhaps one day we will uncover them!"

"I started coming to TRŪBARRE three months after my son was born to get back into shape. Not only did I lose the baby weight from my son, but I also got down to the weight I was before my daughter was born over four years ago. Outside of the weight loss, I have become stronger and more confident than I ever could have imagined. The instructors have been amazing in teaching proper techniques to sculpt the muscles and get the results I was looking for without hurting myself or straining. I am so very thankful I found TRŪBARRE - it really has been life changing!"

"I joined TRUBarre one month before my wedding as a last minute attempt to get in the best shape possible.  I had recently left another barre studio due to a lack of results and total monotony class after class - so needles to say, I was a little hesitant to try a different studio.  In my first class, Krista came right up to me to discuss any prior injuries, explained appropriate modifications and asked what areas I wanted to work on.  I told her I was 4 weeks out from my wedding and like most brides, really wanted to work on gaining muscle definition in my arms and back.  With the chaos of wedding planning I was only able to attend 2-3 classes a week, but felt myself getting stronger and leaner with each one.  The variety in exercises, personalized attention and small classes helped me achieve the results I wanted for my big day.  I highly recommend TRUBarre's 3 month Bridal Package for any Bride-to-Be who wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day."

"Instructors are very nice and personable. Great classes... I actually break a sweat and get sore but can keep up at the same time!!!"

"From the minute you walk in you feel like a friend. The studio is beautiful and the instructors are motivating and amazing. They really take the time to help the newcomers with technique to make sure we are getting the full workout!"

"The instructors are wonderful and  the classes are fabulous!! Love, love, love TRŪBarre! <3"

"Coming to class at TRŪBarre is better than any physical therapy or chiropractor!  I haven't felt this good in years.  So glad I found you again."

"TRŪBarre has enhanced and complemented my recent course of physical therapy. Because of pain caused by an arthritic hip, I went to a physical therapist who  gave me a series of exercises that would strengthen the muscles surrounding the joint. At the same time, I joined TRŪBarre, attending two classes a week. After six weeks, she put me through a set of benchmark tests to determine my progress. She was amazed at how quickly I had reached all of the goals and said that if I continued with my barre classes, I could discontinue PT. According to her, barre classes are especially effective in developing those supporting muscles that reduce strain on the joint.  Naturally I was thrilled to hear this as I enjoy my TRŪBarre classes more than PT. Like me, I suspect a lot of people are unaware of how helpful barre classes are in preserving healthy joints."