Burn. Sculpt. Breathe. Evolve. This heart-pumping, soul-seeking, energy-inducing fitness program focuses on core strength for the ultimate full body workout. Using weights, balls, bands, and your own body weight as resistance, this program will keep you burning calories long after the class is over. Prepare to trim, tone, and transform your body as you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and revive and refocus your mind. Your journey towards a mind body transformation starts here.

TRŪBarre Cardio

TRŪBarre Cardio is a unique blend of our barre class with a little more “umph”. It is a high energy workout with low impact exercise to burn fat and sculpt lean long muscles. Toning and resistance exercises for the seat, legs and abs are used as well as light weights to sculpt the arms.

** Please bring a note in from your doctor if you are pregnant and want to participate in TRŪBarre classes

TRŪBarre & Yoga Blend

TRŪ Barre + yoga BLEND s a total body conditioning program that blends ballet strength, toning, and lengthening exercises blended with some yoga flow and balance poses. Enjoy a fun, invigorating workout that develops muscular endurance, dynamic balance, flexibility and of course core strength. No dance experience necessary- non-dancers and non-yogi's are welcome!


Stretching and toning class for beginner and active seniors. GOLD barre was developed using traditional TRŪbarre exercises, but for the older individual who wants to stay active and fit, but increase there muscle tone, balance, and flexibility. GOLD barre will help alleviate pain, increase bone density, and decrease injuries. Barre is wonderful for keeping your mind and body feeling strong and energized.

TRŪ Stretch & Sculpt

TRŪ Stretch & Sculpt is for clients who seek a TRŪBarre workout with a longer segment of stretching sequences. This class will incorporate yoga flow at the beginning and end of class while still providing a core segment of TRŪBarre classic barre sequences. Clients will experience increased stretching and relaxation sequences to further elongate muscles and reduce muscle stress.


TRŪ Pilates

We are excited to bring classical pilates to TRU! We are all about smart movement, so adding a classical mat Pilates class seemed like the perfect fit. Join Gali to stabilize and strengthen your core! You'll get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility! You can look to develop better posture and a better sense of well-being too, TRU Pilates is an amazing compliment to our TRU Barre classes!

TRŪ Bounce Back (after baby) $375

The TRU technique is a very safe and effective way to get back in shape after baby. With the TRU technique, there is no jumping or impact on your joints, and you can work at your own pace and modify when needed. If you’ve had a baby within the past year, come in the studio and ask for the Baby Bounce back package and we will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!

TRŪ Bride 3 months unlimited $375