Why TrūBarre?

Why TrūBarre

The TRŪBarre method is a combination of dance, ballet, yoga and pilates all fused into one.

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TRŪ Facts

No dance experience required. All types of people take our classes.

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The Truth About Barre
The Trūth About Barre

Barre incorporates small isometric movements through interval training to create lean, long limbs, a strong core, increased flexibility, and a sound mind.

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TRŪ Story

Barre is a ballet inspired, core-focused exercise class that concentrates on isolated core fitness exercises, alignment, flexibility, and posture by employing targeted muscle movement. This method is a fusion of ballet, yoga, and pilates. Each exercise is thoughtfully and purposefully placed in the class exercise order to optimize the body’s ability to burn fat, sculpt the body, and build long, lean muscles.

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